President’s Cup Federation Equestre Ukraine, Round 1

For the first time in Zhashkov equestrian sports complex was the President of the Federation Cup Equestrian Ukraine. To participate in it brought together representatives from all regions of Ukraine. There were presented more than 135 pairs of participants. To combat came from children 10 years and older riders national categories as well as an amateur. Approximately one third of the participants were students Zhashkova.

On Saturday the day started with a route with a height of 80 cm obstacle in this route there were two groups. The first group – for horses 4 years, where experienced riders could try to force young horses, and the second group – in which young riders under 14 years can try their hand.

Among children, took second place Dobrotvorsky Vlad on the mare named Wanda, the fourth – Cancer Lily. Among those who participated in the first group (on horses from 4 years) with no penalty points route to overcome: Spring Dasha by Feder, Normuratova Natalia on Caravan Lanfre 06 and 05, Kirilyuk on Michael Chamberlain, Shevchuk Maxim Kvinto06, Kirilyuk Ivan at Calibre . Nesmiyan Rodion on the Acrobat overcame route only 4 penalty, which, given the fact that he is only the second start, too bad. In total, this group was 32 members.

Route number 2 – the power of the jump. In this route, took third place Kirilyuk Michael at Cape Town, has not earned the route is no penalty points.

The route number 3 in the first group (the joker open class horses from 5 years) were Zhashkov Polishchuk Artem on Fantastic Light (result – third place with 44 points) and Julia Pochinok on Vanessa, with 38 points.

The route number 4 (open class, height 120 cm obstacle, a horse from 6 years old) leaders were Normuratova Natalia on Venerikve, second place – Mikhail Kirilyuk for Casanova, third place – Shevchuk Maxim Caen, Abzalov Rem at Diva – the fourth, Kirilyuk Ivan to Pontius Pilate – the sixth.

The first day was the final route number 5 with a height of 130cm obstacles, the third place which took Normyratov Ruslan on Artifakse.

The second day began with a route to the style – it had to not only pass without felled and show his skill as a rider. After completing the route every rider judges to assess, commenting on his mistakes. The winner was Rem Abzalov, gaining maximum points – 8,5. Shevchuk Maxim Quinto was rated 7.9, Kirilyuk Ivan on Calibre – 7,8 and the Coliseum – 7.7 balls.

At the same route, but in the standings among children, riders under 14 years old also showed his skill – Spring Ivan earned a 8.0 on the Emir of balls. Dobrotvorsky Vlad – 7,8, Cancer Lily – 7,4.

The route number 9 needed to overcome the route on the speed. The best time – 60.66 showed Normuratova Natalia on Venerikve, the third result – 67.09 at Abzalova Rem on the mare named Diva, representing this time Zhashkov, 68.41 – this is the result of Mikhail Kirilyuk on Casanova (5 seats).

In the Grand Prix winners under a storm of applause began to Gregory Robin Ka Star – the first place, and Normyratov Ruslan Cheptea on Fire. Their victory came in very handy, because the event coincided with the anniversary Nichiporenko Valentin, and this victory was to him a symbolic gift. The day ended with celebratory fireworks, timed to coincide with the anniversary.

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